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Client Testimonials 

"Kayla is amazing young lady and truly has healing hands. I highly recommend her. I had pain in my shoulder and she really made it feel better before I even left her. Kayla was very competent and very knowledgeable. Kayla is so intuitive , personable and comforting. I left feeling so grounded and at peace.
Thanks Kayla"-Patty

"Kayla is amazing. After a distance healing session it was like feeling a weight off my shoulders that lasted for days. She made a personalized care package for me that came at a perfect time when I needed extra support. Cannot say enough good things." -Mica

"I am a sixty-year-old woman who suffers chronic pain from head to toe and this is my first time trying reiki. I'm just amazed with Kayla. She told me a little history of reiki and everything she was doing. The three worst things for me were headaches, lower back pain, and arthritis on my SI joint and neuropathy in my calves. She focused on that area and aligned on my chakras. felt warmth. felt energy. I believe. I remember the next day waking up and telling my husband that felt good. Those words have not come out of my mouth in don't know how long. I really felt good and can't wait to see Kayla again. I so highly recommend her!"


"I had my first Reiki, and I was pleasantly surprised. Honestly, I did not know anything about this treatment. I was given a gift card from a friend, and I went in with no expectations. On the day of my appointment I had a headache, and was feeling down. The day before my appointment I had a two hour massage, and I was not able to relax. I needed something to help me unwind.   I found Kayla to be a very genuine person. She is soft spoken and kind.  The treatment room is all white with relaxing music. She had me lay down while she placed her hands on my forehead and body. Her hands omit this deep warmth that feels healing.  I found myself in a very relaxed state. I could feel myself releasing tension. I was awake, but daydreaming about a happy memory in a house I used to live in. I could see many details I had long forgotten. I felt at peace during my treatment. The session was about an hour. I would say the time went by fast because, I was enjoying the treatment.   My first experience was great. I plan to do more treatment."-Brenda

"I loved my session with Kayla it was beautiful and peaceful! She filled my soul with love and light, and energized me all at the same time. I felt so refreshed, grounded and at peace. She's very passionate about what she does and it shows. She even took time after our session to share her "angel cards" with me, which were absolutely beautiful and a m a z i n g! I purchased some of her oils which I love and wear every day. Kayla - thank you for sharing your special gift with me." Peace, love and light, Betsy

"Honestly I was skeptical at first and I kept putting this experience to the back of the bus. When I decided it was time to give it a shot I decided I would try it with this spiritual leader, Kayla. She was very professional and would talk about what has been troubling me lately and where I felt my energy was off. She focused on these points and would observe different areas of the body.I have gone to two appointments and am seriously considering adding this experience to my tool kit."


"Kayla's dedication to her Reiki practice has made her a very powerful healer, using spiritually guided life force energy to balance and clear negative thoughts and feelings in the mind and body. She comes from a place of kindness and compassion, and enjoys sharing her special gift. I have personally experienced her healing power, as well as, witnessed how much she has helped others."-Catherine

"Going into it, I had no idea what to expect. While there, i was asked about my life and which areas I had experienced any pain. That ranged from mental to physical pain.  My practitioner channeled good energy to all my chakras, and also paying longer attention to those areas I mentioned some pain or struggle in. After the service, I overall felt a sigh of relief; a new light, energy, and less stress. So glad I went and experienced Rockin’ Reiki for myself. I would totally suggest you to try it out and find your sigh of relief. Thank you Kayla!"


"I love Kayla! She always does an amazing job. was skeptical at first but man oh man was mind blown. Thank you Kayla!"

-Kayla Lacy

"You will feel so refreshed and relaxed afterwards! it's really nice." -Casey 

"I had a distant Reiki session with Kayla recently. As someone who believes in both western and eastern healing therapies, I was open to distant energy work. Kayla's session helped give me a level of calm and a peaceful feeling, that was much needed during this stressful time. I appreciate Kayla's caring and calm demeanor." -Laura

"As someone who is usually a skeptic, I was blown away by Kayla's ability to send healing my way. Kayla is kind, caring, and genuine. She is sending me a customized care package in the mail for a fair price, and I am so excited! Highly recommend Kayla's services." -Mikayla

"I had six Reiki sessions with Kayla and they were all great!! Kayla is one of the nicest and most caring people I have ever met in my life. If you're shopping around for Reiki you can't do better than Kayla at Rockin' Reiki. I give Kayla and Rockin' Reiki my highest recommendation."


"It was my first time trying reiki, and I have to say it was very comforting knowing that in times of Covid we can still get help and solutions for our energy stagnation. Reiki can be practiced in person or from afar with the same healing power. Give Rockin Reiki a try you’ll be happy you did." -Grecia

"She is incredible! Extremely intuitive healer with a huge heart for this practice and those that she assists."-Autumn

"Kayla’s reiki has helped me so much in the last year! I could not have gone through the last year without Kayla and her amazing talent for reiki! 100% recommend."--Radhika

"Kayla was great and super friendly! She made the best oil blend and even threw in a crystal! I felt so much lighter after my session! I will definitely be back to see her again soon!" -Rochelle

"Really kind, respectful, and skilled. I had a distance reiki session and I feel like a newborn baby. I’m so happy I tried Rockin Reiki, definitely coming back for more."



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